AGNIJASHATADALAMA, Paypal and Patreon Next leap for Sharmishtha Basu’s digital works.

Well, finally I took the decision and embarked upon it. I have opened an online store for my creations, but have just laid its foundations, you can buy my books, that includes Agnishatdal and Agnijaat anytime you wish, the rest of the creations that will be displayed there in due time will be available too, after they are displayed there. Till then check them out and suggest me, as much as you want! you know the email ids, and

the sites:

If you want to buy the Ezines or become the “fuel” behind my creativity do pay a visit to my paypal and/or patreon account I will be extremely grateful 🙂

If you want to encourage the struggling artist and writer with your huge-hearted generosity:

You will be able to buy the Ezines, and my other digital works, some are already up in Patreon, will be there regularly- every month.

Others are or will be available in Agnijashatadalama, where you can see the samples, directly approach me and I will send you the pdf files after you pay through paypal! Once I up my paypal account, I will tell you then! If you actually want to help me into paying my bills in return of small pieces of books and art please become my patron! The paypal account courtesy Indian red tapes is still dangling!


Let’s all do something for Hindi Baaten?

After much thinking I have decided that if you guys are around (at least four every week) I will squeeze out some time from my ezines

and will join you guys here in Hindi Baaten but you will have to offer two helps (must):

1. You will have to share a post on Thursdays in your blog titled:

Thursday Talks hindi baaten [date] and then share the link/url with the respective Thursday post here, in this blog.

2. You will have to read the links shared in that post and leave your comments there, I will check that and after seeing that I will help to spread the name of your blog via my blogs. I guess that is fair enough right? You cant expect fruits from a tree you don’t tend!

Let’s try together!



If you want to join the Hindi writer joint, the group of Hindi writers and readers you will have to do this one thing, leave your post’s url, individual posts, every Hindi Baaten (on every Thursday) post on Thursdays or as many Thursdays you want, but I need your links here, in my blog comments as a formal approval from your end.

Please do take some time out of your schedule and leave the url of individual post(s) here, in Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten the weekly post.

category in the left column of the blog, if you have any problem in posting your comments do let me know!


rock in wp

Hindi writer joint, join us!



Thank you very much Sunny ( for this brilliant suggestion, now I alongwith some of my Hindi lover friends are trying to create a group of genuine Hindi lovers, who have some time to squeeze out and read+write Hindi stuffs, they can be poems, stories or just scribbles in hindi font or English font but hindi words.

For the sake of discipline we write something in Hindi and leave that posts url in Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten, the weekly post, so that we can read each other’s works.

There is no fun in writing for yourself, it is great if others read  your works and enjoy them!

Join  us, and do read each other’s works.

The page dedicated to this purpose, where you can leave your url in case you cant join our Thursday Talks but will love to read and be read by other Hindi bloggers:






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Write in Hindi for Agnishatdal


Well, I will be adding at least a handful of posts in Bengali/Hindi in Agnishatdal, if you have something you will like to publish send it to me, along with its English translation (first copyright them then send me).

check out the site for further details

my email is

agnishatdal the ezine

Musegames on Wednesdays 18.10.17

have a great day!

The english is here:

If you feel like encouraging the struggling artist, check out my paypal/patreon profiles:

Musegames on Wednesdays 11.10.17

have a great day!

The english is here:

If you feel like encouraging the struggling artist, check out my paypal/patreon profiles:

Agnijaat Book 3, Agnishatdal Book 3, Agnijaat Book 4, Agnishatdal Book 4 in Kindle!

Hope you had a wonderful festive time! Wish you all the very best in life!

Here are the foursome from Ezine Desks this durgapuja

Agnishatdal Book 3

Agnishatdal Book 4

Agnijaat Book 3

Agnijaat Book 4

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