Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten 11.6.15

HB 11.6

you are so shrewd my dear

where is your conscience?

you change your colours

quicker than a chameleon!

once in a while

peek inside your soul

you will see a monster

or a wicked soul.


Have a great day, week, time ahead.

Shubh din!


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten 11.6.15

      • haha…seriously, because I never lie whether it is about appreciation or about cursing..
        It was really nice by the use of rhyming word..!!


      • Thanks a lot! I rarely rhyme, that is absolutely not my field of expertise, this one just popped up in mind 🙂

        hey! what is the url of your blog, in which you write? your gravatar url takes to a blog with two posts! Its wordpress’s extra help, sorry, it ignores the extra r and takes us to a blog named negativethinker.wordpress 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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