Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten 18.6.15

HB 25.6

once upon a time

a poor girl walking her own path

got caught in the vicious war

of two witch clans

they grabbed her arms

from both side, trying to get her,

make her join one of the clans

that poor girl died trying

to ward them both off!


Have a great day, week, time ahead!

shubh din doston!


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2 thoughts on “Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten 18.6.15

    • met two such clans in my first job, I kept off their politics totally but finally had to quit my job because of them both. boy these people are vicious wherever they are and whatever they squabble for, nothing happens to them but those who are at that place at that phase are scarred or ruined!

      BTW you don’t know hindi, do you?


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