Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten 25.6.15

HB 18.6

so what only few drops came down

from heaven not a overwhelming rain

it quenched your thirst a bit if not full

sometimes this little respite

from the scorching life

is more precious than the relief

which sooner or later will show up

this thread keeps you hanging for it.


Have a great day, time, week ahead.

shubh din doston!


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4 thoughts on “Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten 25.6.15

    • I cant download the hindi fonts either, someone suggested something but I am yet toying with the idea, and simply writing, taking a proper photo and posting that photo is good for the computer too, I tried avro for both hindi and Bengali fonts- the software is amazing but both times it forced me to format my computer and re-install windows! now that is a risk I cant take.

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