Musegames on Wednesdays 15.7.15

MGH 15.7.15

The loud call announces that they are babies, they chase the parents from roof to roof! Sometimes one wonders about the patience of these parents!

How much they sacrifice for their offspring and don’t expect anything in return! Nothing at all!


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20 thoughts on “Musegames on Wednesdays 15.7.15

  1. really good ! but “par hak nahi jatate” ? esase main sahmat nahi hu.. lagbhag sab parents ko lagta hai ke oonake bache oonki property hai aur oonhe onki(parents) ke mutabik chalana chahiye…..
    aur haa bachoo ko janm dena hai ya nahi ,vo sirf oonka faisala hai,,bache oonhe invitation nahi dene aate ki ,plz hame janm do…aur wo(parents) bhi bacho ko budhape ka sahara samjhate hai har baar nahi aur haa sabhi parents vaise nhi hote par bahut saare vaise hi hote hai…
    Esliye bacho ko janm deke vo koi oonapar oopakar nahi karate..aur haa koi niswarth nahi hota hai.. agar vo niswarth hote to dusaro ke bacho ko bhi apna samjhake oonhe palate aur sukh dete aur es sansaar me koi anathalay bhi nahi hote phir..
    aur haa agar aapne apne bacho ko sahi raah aur sachha pyar diya hai to vo kabhi aaapko chhod ke jaa hi nahi sakte.. agar vo aapke chhodake ja rhe hai to 100% app hi doshi hai.. aur vo dosh kya hai sirf oonke bachhe hi jaante hai.. !


  2. अपना तो एक ही उसूल है “औकात है तो शादी करो ,और दानत है तो ही बच्चे करो “


    • ha ha, yes, kamse kam bachchon ko bada karne ke baad maro! my family marries really late, and when things go as they should they leave small kids behind even after dying at a not bad age (closer to 60 than 40 I mean). My elder brother’s daughter is born on his 35th year I think, my elder sister’s on her 32nd birthday… only exception was my eldest sister, hers was born on her 22nd birthday 😉

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      • yes ,this is also a point ! Parents must check whether they R ready to take responsibility of their child,before giving birth to that child ! & parents are guide,they should never force their children to do a particular thing ! 🙂
        Jo bhi vrudhashram hai wo hi 99.99% apne halat ke liye jimmedar hai…haa buhut hi kam exceptions hai jaha oonke bete hi sirf doshi hai..


      • I fully agree with your views, absolutely.

        As for those who go to old age homes I will say 50-50, sometimes kids are wicked, sometimes parents and sometimes things just don’t work out I guess. none of my family’s elders ended up lonely or in old age home, that is the one who had kids! only one of my aunts lived in Vrindavan, but she had to come back in her final days!

        It is very tough to categorize human beings on any basis at all, they are very different and unpredictable too I guess!

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