Tuesday Reminders for Hindi writers 21.7.15

Do join our small group trying to encourage Hindi writers to write in Hindi in wordpress and read each other’s works.

Suggestion of this week : If  you want to have genuine readers you should squeeze out some time and read the works of others and comment on them, that is the best way of getting “actual” readers not just visitors.

If you want to join us, do check out the Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten, the weekly post, post your work in your own blog, or select an old post if you want, copy its url and post it with the comments, I will share your url in the post so that we all can read it!

will be waiting for your url!

Love and best wishes!



10 thoughts on “Tuesday Reminders for Hindi writers 21.7.15

  1. धन्यवाद इंदिरा मैम जो आपने यह लिंक शेयर किया। हर लेखक चाहता है की उसको पढ़ा जाए और यहां कुछ ऐसी कोशिशें हो रहीहाहै इसके लिए आभार आप सबका।
    मैं आप सब को सप्रेम अपने ब्लॉग पर आमंत्रित करता हु, आप पढ़ेअऔर अअपने सुझाव रखे। आभार


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