Saptshabdi 3.8.15 sukoon

SSH 2.8.15


is mate

of evening shadow



saptashabdi hindi


9 thoughts on “Saptshabdi 3.8.15 sukoon

      • No, only these three, but I can understand Punjabi little bit because too many neighbours and classmates were Punjabi when I was in Delhi so if someone talks in Punjabi I can guess what s/he is talking about a bit, most of the other indian languages are semi latin to me- Marwari, sindhi, gujrati, oriya, assamese… and south indian languages heh heh I don’t understand a single word in them.

        You can give the whole credit to my father and books, he passed away real early but before that he gave us all the foundation in these three languages and a huge collection of books. 🙂

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      • Where are you now? My mother infused the passion for reading in me. So sorry that your father passed away so early. My father also passed away when I was 20.


      • mine when I was 14, I have been living away from my parents back then, so I will say I saw him till I was 11, his life was really tragic, an example of good suffering in hands of evil I will say, horribly suffering, I am living in Hyderabad right now, since Feb 2015, will be back to Kolkata by Durgapuja it seems 😦

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