spirits of darkness and light 6

spirits of darkness and light

Sharmishtha Basu is an unemployed artist, writer who is out to test her works, eagerly looking for publishers, publicists, literary agents and huge hearted generous readers, to see if they can help her to build an “unorthodox” career, a path followed by many before, some has been blessed with success, most have not, let us see what you make of her attempts! A failure or success- it all depends on you. These are pieces from her book, the book is available on createspace and amazon- This book is of course a collection of fantasy stories, but longer ones than her usual pieces.

The spirits of darkness and light


mysterious encounters
piece 6

They lit their cigarettes. Karan Singh started again from where he has stopped, “These lions kill too much, and they target only labourers, there were few instances when some villagers have been in the attack spots accidentally. Shepherds that were forced to hole in there for the night because of storm or rain or travelers too late and too scared to cross the woods in night! They crossed those people and attacked the labourers tents, dragged the bodies past those terrified shepherds… Why?”

Mudit had to admit it was bizarre, very foolish of a lion to cross a group of people and attack someone, then return to woods again crossing the ignored group.

It’s a common practice of wild beasts to attack the ones in the border, not in middle of the group. They usually wait for one to fall behind or attack the last one in the queue, line.

“May be they are human?” Mudit questioned back.

Karan shrugged.

He got up after finishing the cigarette. “Meet me in the fort tomorrow at four in the morning, I will tell the gatekeeper to let you in. He knows you?”

“Yes, they are from the village itself.” He nodded and got up too. “Thanks for the cigarettes.”

“You are welcome!” he started the jeep and returned to the fort.



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