Spirits of darkness and light 28

Sharmishtha Basu is an unemployed artist, writer who is out to test her works, eagerly looking for publishers, publicists, literary agents and huge hearted generous readers, to see if they can help her to build an “unorthodox” career, a path followed by many before, some has been blessed with success, most have not, let us see what you make of her attempts! A failure or success- it all depends on you. These are pieces from her book, the book is available on createspace and amazon- This book is of course a collection of fantasy stories, but longer ones than her usual pieces.

The spirits of darkness and light


spirits of darkness and light

the dark lands
piece 4

“If we cut the woods and sell them we will get our money back!” Ghanshyam said. “In case, that house really turns out to be infested with ghosts!” He made a funny face, trying to scare Kavita but miserably failed.

“So, in case those scary stories turn out to be true we can at least get our money partially back.” Kavita rolled her eyes and giggled.

“A large portion if tree hugging monkeys don’t start a ruckus!” he slapped her shoulder and laughed.

Theirs was a marriage of convenience. They were not least interested in each other amorously, but they have maintained the façade to the outside world perfectly because everyone thought they were blessed from God in abundance.

Whereas, they have never even exchanged an embrace of passion in thirty years of their married lives!



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