Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten 12.11.15

waqt ke rukh badalne me waqt nahi lagta
wade, irade sab bah jaate hain
waqt kee lahron ke dhar me
kinare bhee kho jaate hai
chhoot jaate hain sahil daman se
bas bahte chale jaana hota hai
uski isharon se.
Saathi chhoot jate hain
par kabhi kabhi
kuchh rishte us dariya ke
toofani relon ke paar bhee
sath chale aate hain.

Well, I have not become a resident of Mars, I lost my internet connection almost completely on 1/10/15 and got it back after returning to Kolkata 🙂

Right now I am trying to catch up with your blogs, which my new internet connection is trying to make as tough as possible. Wish me luck!

Till my internet connection is totally fixed only Thursday posts will show up, no other weekly posts, including musegames. Hope you will miss them!

Love and hugs.


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