Check out Agnijaat the Ezine and make me happy!

Second Issue of Agnijaat is out, it was published on 18.8.16, it is a monthly ezine containing essays, stories, poems, photographs, and other secret stuffs!

A creative effort of Sharmishtha Basu, an attempt to capture your hearts, try it out guys! No harm can come from that! 

This magazine is much more direct than my blogs, because everything is not meant for everyone, that is a lesson I have learnt well through my years of blogging. So, I keep some for those who are a little more serious readers. Agnijaat contains and will contain those works.

Be the wind under its wings 

Right now, if you want to read Shravan and Bhadra Issue write to me ( cc, I will send you the pdf for mere 1$, if you want it for free then you will have to promise a critic for it, I will be immensely glad to see that in your blog so I can boast and alongwith that, in Agnijaat’s reader’s comment page-


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