Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten 22.9.16

TPH 22.9.16

lagta tha unka gaana shor sa,
jab jaga dete the neend se suraj ke sath,
par ab wohi shor ban gaya hai sangeet
mithas hee gholta hai kanon me
jab bhee jahan bhee chhidta hai!

Well… left the poem incomplete! ha! must have rushed away to do something and forgotten! 😉

Everything changes with time,
heaven only knows
where we are taking
the once green planet
dragging her along with us
with our lost ways,
once upon a time
the birdsongs sometimes
sounded like cacophony
when they woke us up at dawn
with their joyous chorus!
Now that same symphony
sounds like angel choir!
Whenever, wherever it starts.

Have a great day!


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