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Let’s all do something for Hindi Baaten?

After much thinking I have decided that if you guys are around (at least four every week) I will squeeze out some time from my ezines


and will join you guys here in Hindi Baaten but you will have to offer two helps (must):

1. You will have to share a post on Thursdays in your blog titled:

Thursday Talks hindi baaten [date] and then share the link/url with the respective Thursday post here, in this blog.

2. You will have to read the links shared in that post and leave your comments there, I will check that and after seeing that I will help to spread the name of your blog via my blogs. I guess that is fair enough right? You cant expect fruits from a tree you don’t tend!

Let’s try together!



Musegames on Wednesdays 29.7.15

MGH 29.7.15

Why are human beings so na├»ve? Why do they try to put words in God’s lips? They certainly try to understand God’s ways, that is but normal and beautiful but why do they try to prove that they are God’s spokespersons?

God tells through them how God despises those they despise!


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Musegames on Wednesdays 22.7.15

MGH 22.7.15

The town people were a bit surprised by the way the planes travelled, flying low with headlights/tail lights on following the same route for an hour or a bit more.

They knew nothing!

They were not planes, that was one car, Mr. Shukla’s aerocar.

He possessed a driving license but most probably that was not applicable for a flying car so he came out only after darkness.



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