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AGNIJASHATADALAMA, Paypal and Patreon Next leap for Sharmishtha Basu’s digital works.

Well, finally I took the decision and embarked upon it. I have opened an online store for my creations, but have just laid its foundations, you can buy my books, that includes Agnishatdal and Agnijaat anytime you wish, the rest of the creations that will be displayed there in due time will be available too, after they are displayed there. Till then check them out and suggest me, as much as you want! you know the email ids, sermistabasu@gmail.com and agnijaat@hotmail.com.

the sites:

If you want to buy the Ezines or become the “fuel” behind my creativity do pay a visit to my paypal and/or patreon account I will be extremely grateful 🙂

If you want to encourage the struggling artist and writer with your huge-hearted generosity:

You will be able to buy the Ezines, and my other digital works, some are already up in Patreon, will be there regularly- every month.

Others are or will be available in Agnijashatadalama, where you can see the samples, directly approach me and I will send you the pdf files after you pay through paypal! Once I up my paypal account, I will tell you then! If you actually want to help me into paying my bills in return of small pieces of books and art please become my patron! The paypal account courtesy Indian red tapes is still dangling!