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If you want to join the Hindi writer joint, the group of Hindi writers and readers you will have to do this one thing, leave your post’s url, individual posts, every Hindi Baaten (on every Thursday) post on Thursdays or as many Thursdays you want, but I need your links here, in my blog comments as a formal approval from your end.

Please do take some time out of your schedule and leave the url of individual post(s) here, in Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten the weekly post.

category in the left column of the blog, if you have any problem in posting your comments do let me know!


rock in wp


Hindi writer joint, join us!



Thank you very much Sunny (sunnymca.wordpress.com) for this brilliant suggestion, now I alongwith some of my Hindi lover friends are trying to create a group of genuine Hindi lovers, who have some time to squeeze out and read+write Hindi stuffs, they can be poems, stories or just scribbles in hindi font or English font but hindi words.

For the sake of discipline we write something in Hindi and leave that posts url in Thursday Talks Hindi Baaten, the weekly post, so that we can read each other’s works.

There is no fun in writing for yourself, it is great if others read  your works and enjoy them!

Join  us, and do read each other’s works.

The page dedicated to this purpose, where you can leave your url in case you cant join our Thursday Talks but will love to read and be read by other Hindi bloggers:







rock in wp


Well my internet woes are going on and on, and I am hoping that I will be able to return to my normal self by next year ahem next month. I am just managing to keep my Thursday posts alive, and even there I am failing you can see… reading other blogs is dream right now.

You will know if I do or don’t succeed in beating gremlins/goblins, wish me luck!

WordPress or my internet provider is acting like an a****

1. I have been sitting at my computer since 10 in the morning.

2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my internet connection twice.

3. I have to post my first and then reschedule them to reschedule them.

4. I cant add any media file, not even from my wordpress’s gallery.

5. I cant open my own blogs, so you can guess what is happening when I am trying other blogs.


So, I will try again tomorrow, sunday and Monday to update my Thursday Talk and read your stuffs. Just wanted you guys to know that I read your comments and thank you very, very much for taking out some time to make this small attempt come to life.


Love and hugs.

Hindi bloggers- please join me!

Hey guys, if you are a blogger who writes in Hindi fonts (especially) and are looking for a dedicated reader (whose humble works are screaming for a reader too) PLEASE come and join me here!


I am a veteran blogger but have just recently started writing in Hindi and Bengali because I think this is the least we can do for our mother tongues (Bengali) and semi mother tongue (Hindi because I was born in Uttar Pradesh), write in them and share those writings to world so that they wont vanish from the world alphabets!


But to write one needs readers and if  you spend some time in my blog I assure you I will be doing the same, so join me here, leave your links, and join my Thursday Posts in Hindi to spread the wave, what do you think? say yes and join don’t fidget!


I will be waiting for some positive response!